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This finely crafted collectible is shipped to you. by us. directly from Japan. We go to great lengths to construct this and all of our merchandise. with the highest possible quality. Pride is taken in knowing that we're able to share our local heritage with the world.
Tabi Ninja Shoes are loved by kids! An authentic reproduction of the kind worn by Ninja. Kids all over the world are saying. I need these shoes!
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Tabi Ninja Shoes- Once a staple of those trying to break into your home in the still of night. now used by children running across the front yard. Perfect for any child with interest in joing a makeshift Ninja Academy. even better for making their friends jealous.
Designed to be light weight so that any pint size ninja can freely jump around.
Designed to be light weight so that any pint size ninja can freely jump around.
How to choose correct tabi shoes size
Easy Answer: Measure your foot in centimeters and add 0.5cm to it and that is your size. (exp. 23.5cm 0.5cm= 24.0cm)
Detailed Answer:
The first thing you want to do is measure your foot. Take out a ruler and measure it in centimeters. Then check the length against the sizes we offer. Don't order one that matches your foot length. but instead order the next possible size.
For example: If your foot measures exactly 24cm. then you should order 24.5cm. Or if your foot measures 26.5 cm. you should move up to 27cm. This is to ensure that they do not fit too tight.
But what if your foot measures 27cm Since the next size up is 28cm. is it really best to move up 1 whole centimeter Well. our recommendation is yes. but you may find that your shoes fit a little big. We believe that a little big is better than a little too tight. It really depends on the individual foot. and each customer should choose a size they think will fit them best.
And what if my foot measures 26.8cm or 26.9cm Should I just order a size 27
Well since the size is too close to your measurements. it is probably best to move up to the next size. a size 28. Even though it may fit a little loose. a little loose is better than a little tight. And also the sides have clips which you can use to give them a tighter feeling around the leg.
But remember. this is only our recommendation. and all people have different kinds of feet. There's no guarantee that shoes will always fit the way we hope.