Peora Refined Strength: Pendant for Men on a Black Cord in Brushed Finish Titanium with a Black Rubber Pattern



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Constructed of High Grade Titanium
Light Weight
Top Quality Craftsmanship
Exceptional Styling
30 Day Return Policy
Stylish and urbane. created exclusively for the Fashion conscious man. this Brushed Finish Titanium Cut-out Disc Pendant features three unique Black Rubber strokes. Titanium is the most popular material used today for modern and progressive style fashion jewelry. The combination of beauty. strength and light-weight ensures jewelry that will last a lifetime. You can feel safe when you wear this Titanium Pendant; it is completely Bio-compatible. This elegant pendant is fitted securely on a Black Wax Cord that can be adjusted from 12 inches to 24 inches. Dimensions: This Pendant has a diameter of 1 inch. This includes a Money Back Guarantee. Free Gift Box.