Tendenze-ITALY 18 ct Rose Gold Plated Doublé 10/000 on Brass 2.6 mm Thick Venetian Box Chain



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made in Italy. no asiatic copied mass-produced goods
nickelfree and unallergic
Finest jeweller quality
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Venetian Box Chain Necklace. 18ct Rose Gold Doublé 10/000. high gloss finished. the original italian venetian chain. protected against tarnishfinest jeweller quality. made in Italy. no asiatic copied mass-produced goods. nickelfree and unallergicIn contrast to normal gold-plated jewelry is gold doublé 10/000 a double-metal. with a thick and inseparablywelded gold to a metal surface (brass). so that both metals are inseparably connected with each other. As the value and quality of jewelry piece. and its lifetime and sightliness primarily depends on the thickness ofgold it is a real alternative to much more expensive solid gold jewelry. Gold doublé 10/000 is because of its highgold content allowed - unlike gold-plated jewelry - to be stamped and is suited for allergy sufferersGold Doublé is not solid gold!You can also buy this product with the illustrated gift box. Click on the button 'Add both to the Basket' below the images